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Welcome To Antonios Healing Hands

“Antonio works with all conditions that men, women & children bring to him & especially pain.

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Antonio is more than a Healer

He is an active part of the community always giving back to those in need. He is a published author of his book Commanding The Light.  Antonio's work has been featured on CNN in Atlanta and The United Nations in New York​

Below are two photos of Antonio at the Lili Claire Foundation in with Tori Spelling and Jennifer Love Hewitt.


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About Antonio

Why Antonio?

Antonio Silva is a born Healer and Intuitive who has the capacity to both Heal and Intuitively know the concerns of a person regardless of their location anywhere in the world. The unique hallmark of Antonio’s healing work is the fact that people are both healed and restored to health and reinstated with a strength and peacefulness that remains as they continue in their life journey.

"Immediately all the pain was gone and a wave of strength filled me. From that moment forward never again did I have a thyroid problem and my hip was totally healed. Antonio has continued to be of help to me over the years since we met and has via telephone healed the many patients I have sent him from pain and even on one occasion as he was driving cross country to a new location." - Dr. Shama Alam.


Animal Healing

There are no limiting factors to Antonio Silva’s intuitive healing ability. Whether your dog has cancer, your horse is lame, or your cat is simply lethargic, several sessions with Antonio could help with your pet’s overall health.

Get all your questions answered about Antonio, his unique gift and the conditions he can heal.

For further information on Antonio’s healing process, working hours and prices, please contact us.

Animal Healing