1. Distance Healing Multiple Sclerosis

    I'd like to speak to you today regarding what you can anticipate when you come to me for help with Multiple Sclerosis. I've worked with many people who suffer from this condition, which can result in damage to the nerve cells, numbness in the body, impairment of speech and other concerns. I underst…Read More

  2. Holistic Healing for a Woman’s Reproductive System

    I met a woman who worked for Homeland Security three years ago. When I met her, she was referred to me and she was living in Washington D.C. I was living on the West Coast. A long story made short, she was about 10 weeks pregnant. At the time, the doctors told her after they looked at the ultrasound…Read More

  3. Intuitive Healing for Lyme Disease

    I'd like to take a moment to speak to you about what you can anticipate will take place in our session when you work with me for Lyme Disease. As we begin our time, during our hour telephone session, I will go over your case with you, making recommendations for things that could be also given or tak…Read More

  4. A Miraculous Story of Restoration With Holistic Healing Methods

    I'd like to take a moment on my blog going out to all of you to tell you a very fascinating, wonderful story that I was blessed to be a part of. This particular story I want to tell all of you because it's relevant for men and women because of how it happened. I met a woman in one of my large gathe…Read More

  5. Working With an Intuitive Healer

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with an intuitive healer? I've worked with patients around the world to alleviate symptoms of their medical conditions, providing healing while working with them over the phone. Discover what that experience is like and how you can have it for you…Read More