1. Disease Testimonials About A Medical Intuitive

    As a medical intuitive, Antonio Silva helps people suffering from a variety of diseases and disorders. Many diseases present physical symptoms, pain, and cognitive and emotional issues. Treatment for many diseases create their own list of side effects that impair a person’s quality of life. If you…Read More

  2. Reviews About Relief From Health Conditions

    If you’re experiencing chronic pain or struggling to manage a health condition that’s causing your quality of life to deteriorate, it may be time to contact a medical intuitive. Antonio Silva has helped many with their different ailments, and is even recommended by celebrities and doctors. If yo…Read More

  3. Emotional Rebirth

    It is with joy and the same feeling of being light inside that I write this testimony as promised to you. During the years my work as an actress has demanded much of me both emotionally and physically. Add to that my being married to a celebrity and you have a formula for stress and lack of rest. Wh…Read More

  4. Pregnancy

    Just wanted to give you a quick update. It is really a great feeling to have healing I had a total of 4 Drs. appointments this week. I just came out of Dr. Fan’s office and he said that the baby’s growth is no longer lagging behind… think a week ago they said she had fallen behind by 2 weeks w…Read More

  5. Addiction To Drugs

    I promised you this testimony and so please accept it with my best wishes and many thanks. Some time ago I heard about you from a fellow musician in London England well known to the world who felt you were beyond belief in your world of healing. With that said I took the opportunity and chance to re…Read More

  6. Liver Disease

    I very much want to THANK YOU! I am still in awe of your gifts! So is my brother, Hugh. I truly hope that anyone reading this will not pass up the opportunity for a healing with Antonio. He’s REAL! He’s GENUINE! Make no mistake about his gifts. Antonio is delightful to speak with and puts you at…Read More

  7. Emotional / Psychological

    It is with the biggest smile that I write this follow-up to you since last we met. As you know I was both nervous and had great anxiety when a fellow actress in the movie industry quietly told me about you. Years of work in Hollywood and the demands of not getting the real inner rest as you taught m…Read More

  8. Autism

    I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful developments in my son Thomas who as you know was diagnosed with Autism from his early childhood. I found you on a word search and took a chance to see what might be possible to deal with this condition. On our first session you told me to si…Read More

  9. Hearing and Tinnitus

    I want to take a moment and send you the update I promised. It has been almost 6 months since the last time you worked on me and I want to once again confirm the following. I no longer have the ringing in my ears and the pressure is totally gone. This isn’t maybe amazing to you since I know you wo…Read More

  10. Cancer

    As promised I am following up with this update that speaks to my present condition. 3 months ago we met through a reference of a friend you had healed of cancer. She indicated you had a real capacity to be able to know areas of concern and deal with them almost instantly. Working myself in the conve…Read More