1. Ovarian Cyst

    This letter is to confirm something which you know to be true. I was lucky enough to consult with you about a month ago. Not only had you provided me with guidance during a very difficult personal time but I was pleasantly surprised when you offered me your healing powers. As I admitted to you that …Read More

  2. Leg & Hip Pain

    I promised I would get back to you with my update and findings and now after a full 2 months want to report what you already I am sure know. I no longer have chronic pain in my legs and especially my right hip. After 6 years on pain meds and walking slow with a cane I now can both work pain free and…Read More

  3. Basketball Leg Pain

    I am happy to have met you and want to thank you for your great work. In the last month since you worked on my leg I no longer have the pain and limited extension that was a problem for some months. Professional basketball is very demanding and yes we do fall and sometimes get hurt in ways that take…Read More

  4. Professional Baseball Arm Pain

    I met with you Antonio last year to deal with a constant arm problem that limited my ability to both lift my arm totally and caused a constant pain. I had heard about you from a relative who you helped with something that also kept them in constant pain that you were able to heal in 4 sessions that …Read More

  5. Back Pain

    My back is totally new since you worked on me. I no longer need therapy and can jump and move in ways that I did earlier in my career. I want you to come to see me play when you are in Los Angeles. I will see to it you get good seats and look forward to having you demonstrate to my team members your…Read More

  6. Sciatica & Pain

    This is a long, long overdue personal testimony regarding my multiple experiences with Antonio Silva. I am a traditionally trained medical doctor.  I first met Antonio Silva some 7 years ago.  I had been researching energy healers/ medical intuitive and I was led to Antonio Silva-" These Gifted Ha…Read More

  7. Pain Testimonial

    I Am a doctor in Rhode Island and work at Rhode Island Medical Center. Antonio Silva was introduced to me in 2007 from a mutual female Dr. that he healed of reproductive concerns. I called him at his home at the time and yes he did expect my call. What amazed me was the fact that as he said hello to…Read More