Addiction is something that can pull families apart and truly ruin lives. With constantly increasing rates of opioid addiction across the United States, and other drugs that can ruin an individual’s health, addiction is a real problem. But what you have to remember is that you’re never alone. There are a variety of treatment options, including help from a doctor, rehab facilities, family, friends, and Antonio Silva.  No matter who you are, you can work on overcoming addiction with help.


Addiction and chemical dependency are true illnesses that affect the mind, but are based on actual physical changes to your brain chemistry.  Your system starts to crave the chemicals that they are addicted to in order to function, and no matter how hard you try to stop, without the proper help you can’t.  Your brain chemistry isn’t the same and has to be slowly adjusted back to a new normal that it once had.  The feelings of addiction and dependency may never go away completely, but with help, you can live a better, longer, more fulfilling life.


No one should have to work through drug addiction recovery on their own, and healing addiction takes time and support. Antonio Silva is a natural born intuitive healer who has the unique gift to help anyone with any ailment, condition, or struggle in person or over the phone. His skills leave his clients with feelings of greater strength and a peacefulness that will remain with them through their challenging journey. You don’t have to go through drug addiction recovery alone.