Whether you have type I or type II diabetes, the resulting effects on your life are quite similar. Diabetes can make it difficult to enjoy your life and even put your life at great risk because your body is unable to balance the glucose to insulin ratios in your body. While there are some medical solutions available to you, especially for those with type II diabetes, finding natural remedies for diabetes can often be near impossible. You always have the option to try an alternative treatment for diabetes when you call Antonio Silva for his help as an intuitive healer.


To understand what diabetes is, you have to understand the differences between type I and type II diabetes. Both forms of diabetes affect how your body balances the levels of glucose and insulin in the body. Too much or too little of either can have major health consequences.

Type I Diabetes

Individuals who have type I are typically born with it or have an onset at a very young age. This type of diabetes is a condition where the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin to balance out the glucose in the blood stream. Common symptoms can include extreme thirst, fatigue, hunger, and frequent urination. One of the only ways in which to properly regulate type I diabetes is with insulin therapy.

Type II Diabetes

Type II is a condition that occurs later in life and is a problem with the body not being able to correctly process blood glucose after eating due to the body being resistant to insulin. Glucose is then unable to make it to the cells that need the energy to function. Most doctors will recommend a strict diet and exercise plan in order to help the body heal.


Whether looking for treatment in conjunction with a doctor, or if you’re simply looking for alternative treatments for diabetes, Antonio Silva can help with his gift as a distance intuitive healer. Contact him for more information or check out the FAQ page to learn what working with Antonio is like.