Anyone who has experienced the painful, and often frustrating, side effects of fibromyalgia knows that there is no simple or easy solution for treatment. Finding relief from the chronic, sometimes completely debilitating, pain that plagues your life seems like chasing rainbows. You never quite find the end. While a journey to find the end of the pain that fibromyalgia causes may take you through a variety of medications, acupuncture, and for some people, even surgery, isn’t it worth trying an alternative pain management plan if there is one available?


The simplest way to describe fibromyalgia is as a form of chronic pain that doesn’t seem to have a cause. It’s often an umbrella term used to describe pain that doctor’s don’t completely understand. Different individuals will experience some different types of symptoms, but generally speaking, fibromyalgia will include the following:

  • Widespread Pain That Lasts at Least Three Months
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Cognitive Difficulties
  • Depression
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Pain in the Extremities

There is no easy answer to stop the symptoms of fibromyalgia, but perhaps Antonio Silva could help you find relief.


If you’re in search of natural chronic pain relief, Antonio Silva understands your struggle. As an intuitive healer, he could provide you with help on your path to pain relief. His unique skills as a medical intuitive know no distance, as he can work with you in person or over the phone. To understand further how his unique gift could help you with your fibromyalgia pain, read the testimonial found here.