Get all your questions answered about Antonio, his unique gift and the conditions he can heal.

Many people have questions about distance healing and how it can help them overcome many different physical and mental conditions to achieve greater well-being. This page will answer many of your questions about alternative healing, animal healing, and how you can benefit from a session with Antonio. For further information on Antonio’s healing process, working hours and prices, please contact us or set up a distance healing session of your own.

“You don’t have to see it to believe it: My healing is deep within the body, the mind and the soul, you don’t necessarily see it, but you will sometimes feel it.”

How can someone heal a person of cancer over a distance of thousands of miles?

I deeply respect and understand the desire by some to know and understand the process of my healing powers. It seems so miraculous, and if you have lost your hope, you really want to understand. Miracles happen and they happen every day and there is no reason why they cannot happen to you, too.

Before explaining how I “command the light” you need a little background.

  • Naming the power that resides within me does not really explain it: The words medical intuitive, distant healer and commanding the light are just that: words. Words don’t explain it because there are degrees of experience and power and degrees of understanding. Words are representations and approximations and have been invented for the sake of human convenience and our desire to have intellectual order.
  • There are degrees of capability. Two people may use the words “Medical Intuitive” or “Distant Healer” but this does not mean that they have identical capabilities. There are degrees of capability.
  • It’s not gut instinct or intuition. The word Medical Intuitive is not the same as the common use of the word intuition which infers to your gut instinct, or having a feeling, or playing a hunch. When I work with you there is no guess work, no hunches, or gut instinct. I know exactly what is wrong with you; I can see and feel it as clearly as you might see words on a page.
  • You don’t have to see it believe it: My healing is deep within the body, the mind and the soul, you don’t necessarily see it, but you will sometimes feel it. Think of the healing much like other routine things you cannot see, touch, taste, or smell; such as air, wind, electricity, or radio waves. We know these things exist because without thinking about it, we turn on our lights, our computers and cell phones, our radios and we breathe. Ironically, we believe it and then we see it. We just are not attuned to directly perceive these things but we know they work because the laws of the universe command them to. The same holds true for medical intuitiveness and distant healing.

Explanations are No Substitute for Experience

Ultimately, explanations are no substitute for experience. Miracles defy logical explanation. They just are. There is no A+B=C formulation that I can provide that neatly wraps things up. There are no user’s manuals or schematics. There is only me, my healing hand, my legacy of distance healing work and what others say.

What conditions and illnesses have you helped people recover from?

I have brought hope, healing, and freedom from pain to the lives of people and families suffering from these physical and/or emotional diseases and many others:

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