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Emotional Rebirth

It is with joy and the same feeling of being light inside that I write this testimony as promised to you. During the years my work as an actress has demanded much of me both emotionally and physically. Add to that my being married to a celebrity and you have a formula for stress and lack of rest. When I met you in person I must admit though I knew of your work you looked very outwardly ordinary and calm. I don’t know where to begin but will say it this way. When you came into my house I noted a smell of roses my favorite flower and your eyes had a light in them I had not seen ever in my life. You were casual and asked me to simply lie down and close my eyes. You then proceeded to ask me to say my name out loud and then the fun began. I went into a deep sleep like sensation and state without any awareness of where I was or time itself. I remember you saying open your eyes and then from that point on everything has been new and different. No more is there the pressure in my head nor the need for pills to keep my calm inside to deal with the concerns my profession demands. My husband smiles and says maybe we can bottle what you have or put it in a movie. I say a movie it should be. Months later and I sleep each night and have calmness and energy as was the case when I was a young girl. Know for certain I will tell my friends about you and always you will be cherished for the great gift you shared at a time in my life when nothing else worked.

-H.L. – Beverly Hills, CA

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