General Testimonials

Hearing and Tinnitus

I want to take a moment and send you the update I promised. It has been almost 6 months since the last time you worked on me and I want to once again confirm the following. I no longer have the ringing in my ears and the pressure is totally gone. This isn’t maybe amazing to you since I know you work with all conditions. I also noted when we first met that you indicated that the most important time for you is the 1st session with a client since that is the time which tells you what might be possible. That being noted I noticed immediately you were able to tell me things about my physical concerns and the duration with simply my telling you my name. That was compelling. What was more of interest was the defining of the 1 to 10 placement of a number choice to represent what my discomfort level was. Immediately it came down from 9 to about 6 in the first session and continued to decrease to almost 1 where it stayed. I can now function wonderfully and hear without the magnitude of ringing and yes my back is doing wonderful though that wasn’t even the major concern that caused us to meet. I forever grateful for meeting you and will tell all those I meet of your work and miracles.

-Kenneth D.

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