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Liver Disease

I very much want to THANK YOU! I am still in awe of your gifts! So is my brother, Hugh. I truly hope that anyone reading this will not pass up the opportunity for a healing with Antonio. He’s REAL! He’s GENUINE! Make no mistake about his gifts. Antonio is delightful to speak with and puts you at ease from the moment you first hear his voice. He has given both me and my brother a boost of inspiration! I am still smiling and have HUGE goose bumps! I feel there are no accidents in this life, no coincidences, and this experience was quite miraculous!

My brother was diagnosed with a liver disease in its chronic stage. He has had circulation and knee problems. I have seen the decline in him and especially in the past week, it seemed to be getting worse. His spirits were down as well. I worried what my brother would think of me requesting a healing for him after reading about Antonio on his Web site. Having had a brief reading by e-mail, I felt more confident to seek his help with a healing as he was so accurate in answering my questions. Now the challenge was getting my brother involved. I had already been told by Antonio that my brother was a bit spooked. When I told my brother about this healer and asked what he felt about me doing this for him, Antonio was correct as my brother’s response was, in fact, “I’m spooked.” I explained that a photo and something of ownership could be used for the healing. With that, my brother agreed it would be okay. I took this to mean that he was receptive, and so I set up an appointment with Antonio for a healing.

When calling long distance to Rhode Island from California, Antonio surprised me because he wanted me to be near my brother when this healing took place. I thought I could do it without letting my brother know. Antonio encouraged me to let him speak to my brother for a few moments. I told him I would have to call him back. It took me some time, because my brother was busy, and I caught him off guard. When asking my brother to participate in this healing process, the first miracle occurred: My brother said, “Okay.” I was shocked! He had to finish what he was doing and said he would be right back. I was worried, as I knew Antonio’s time is precious and I did not wish to have him cancel on us.

It was several LONG minutes and finally my brother and I were ready and I dialed the telephone. I was apologizing for the delay, but it was like Brother Antonio knew exactly what was going on at my end and had been praying for us. It worked! I suspected Antonio would speak to my brother briefly and then I would be given the phone. I handed the phone to my brother and within moments, my brother was going through the process of being healed. My brother didn’t hand the phone back, so I left them to do their work. Some time passed and I checked back and saw my brother standing up with ease and walking around. He looked taller and seemed more comfortable in his movement. He stood for a while, and maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me, but his back seemed to look like it was wavering, like a ripple effect.

Later, my brother called me in to thank me for doing this for him, and he told me, “I have no pain.” His face was changed, he looked “youthful” and was smiling and his coloring was much better. My brother is a quiet man—or, as Antonio stated, “Your brother is a man’s man.” I had feared that he wouldn’t go for the healing; instead, I saw my brother very receptive and very willing and, later, very much wanting to share his experience with me. This amazed me! I do not know if it takes someone to be so desperate with illnesses that they’ll try anything. I do not know why we are not more open to ways other than conventional means, but I do know that what I experienced this morning, November 7, 2001, was miraculous in many ways.

My brother handed me the phone, and after having the opportunity to speak some more with Antonio and thank him, our conversation came to a close. I ran out then to ask my brother what he truly felt. He told me, “I can’t explain it, but there was a point where my eyesight got very clear, and I was feeling a tingling. Brother Antonio then said to me, ‘Your eyesight is much clearer,’ and I knew he was in the room with me!” When my brother stood up one time, Antonio said, “Now that you’re standing,” and my brother said he began looking into the computer screen and wondering, “Is he seeing me?” Antonio knew things about my brother that nobody did. He knew what my brother was doing at every point. My brother said, “He’s amazing! I am amazed!” We just both sat there beaming HUGE smiles!

Already my brother’s coloring looks better, his demeanor has changed. He looks different to me, much happier and healthier. There has been a CHANGE in him. I can’t even put into words what I am seeing. I was thankful to witness this complete turnaround. My brother mentioned that his hands feel better; the swelling is going down. He’s just different! It’s AWESOME!!!

I guarantee that anyone working with Antonio will not be disappointed. I witnessed several miracles right before my eyes and it’s AMAZING! For those in need of healing or counseling, Antonio will not fail you! Don’t pass up the opportunity when you need it most. Give yourself the chance to receive the blessings which flow from Antonio. I’m still SMILING and THANK YOU VERY MUCH Antonio with all my heart! On behalf of my brother and me, WE BOTH THANK YOU!!

-Anne and Hugh

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