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Substance Abuse

I promised you this testimony and so please accept it with my best wishes and many thanks. Some time ago I heard about you from a fellow musician in London England well known to the world who felt you were beyond belief in your world of healing. With that said I took the opportunity and chance to reach out to you having tried many times to quit drugs. On our first face to face meeting you smiled and said its no big deal and I laughed to myself. To be honest I thought I was in for a letdown. Far from it. You asked me to lie on your couch and then touched my head with your hand. Immediately I felt a surge of heat and power that literally both knocked me out and made me feel dizzy. Upon coming to at the end of the hour you asked me to simply stand and walk. I noted a feeling of lightness like something left the inside of me and a deep peace. You sent me on my way with a casual comment to followup from my home with 3 sessions in the following 10 days. To say what happened next is amazing is an understatement. It is almost 8 months later and I haven’t had any desire for drugs and sleep like a baby. I am totally clean. The other members of my band laugh and want to put you on a retainer year round to deal with all of us. I know your busy so we won’t demand that. I will however ask you to come to my next tour and be a personal guest to meet my family. I am a new man and you my friend are the reason why. As I sign off may it be that all who read this email in the professional music industry learn from my experience with you and reach out as I did.

-S.T – Los Angeles, CA

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