Holistic Healing Methods

A Miraculous Story of Restoration With Holistic Healing Methods

I’d like to take a moment on my blog going out to all of you to tell you a very fascinating, wonderful story that I was blessed to be a part of. This particular story I want to tell all of you because it’s relevant for men and women because of how it happened. I met a woman in one of my large gatherings maybe about 15 years ago and I pointed her out in a crowd of about 200 people at one of these gatherings.

I said to her, “You’re very sad tonight and I see a child around you, but he’s not a child, he’s a grown man, a young man.” And she said, “Yes.” I had her stand up and I said, “I see not well and in the hospital where no one can do anything,” to which she said, “Yes. My son who worked in a garage as a mechanic one day just fell down when he was there working and went into a coma and no one has an answer why.”

It Was Time To Discover Restoration

I was living in Rhode Island at the time and I said to her, “Tomorrow, we shall meet and we shall go to Rhode Island Hospital together and I know that there will be some kind of a translation, I don’t know what, but I know it shall be that way.”

I’m here to tell you, the next day we went to that hospital, she was there waiting for me. He was in intensive care, in his late-20’s, and he had tubes everywhere. He was hooked up to EKG machines, everything you could imagine. He was in what they called a coma of some type, and so when I went there and put my hand on his chest, actually just above his chest, maybe about three or four inches above his chest for about 60 seconds or so. The next thing that happened, I can tell you, not only did it happen, but there were nurses and doctors that witnessed it. The boy’s body shot up into a sitting up position and his eyes opened, spontaneously, and all the machines went nuts. And then he started to regain consciousness. Now, he wasn’t 100%, but when he got discharged from that hospital he was like 99% intact from where he was.

Now that’s what I call restoration.

Miracles Can Happen

What’s my point? My point is that it’s not about how many times it happens, it’s about the fact–pay attention–that it can happen. This is one of many, many stories that I want for all the men and women out there to listen to and understand you don’t have to worry about hope. Once you’ve found me, half of your hope has already brought you to me.

Now let’s complete the process. Close your eyes and watch the fun begin. That’s why I’m here. Thank you.

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