Holistic Healing Methods

Breaking Addictions with Holistic Healing Methods

I’d like to take a minute to share with you on what you can anticipate you’ll experience when you come to me for help with addictions.

The most important thing when you come to me for a telephone session is the assessment. “What degree do I feel represents what I am feeling?” is the first thing I’m looking to see the patient tell me. If I cannot quit smoking, for instance, and the degree of wanting a cigarette every day, if ten is the highest degree that represents that addiction feeling, one is the least, before you and I begin, we will assess the parameters. Where are they? 8 out of 10? 9 out of 10? If it’s drugs, likewise. If it’s a craving for alcohol, likewise. I will have you assign the number that represents the magnitude if 10 is the highest and the worst and one is the least, we will start from there this journey.

The Journey to Breaking Addiction Begins

With respect to anything that you and I might call an addiction, keep in mind, here is something that’s very important: we can shift that. It’s the timing. The timing is very important. Please read the information on the website. Read the stories even though they may not be your problem. If you read the stories that represent all the different concerns I work with, illnesses, mental, physical, addictive or otherwise, there’s one thread that’s common: the source. The source that we’ll be connected to, to start clearing this process, to start bringing about the

The source that we’ll be connected to, to start clearing this process, to start bringing about the change internally, reinstating, making things new. That source that you and I work on the backend when I ask you to relax now, open your eyes, we’ve been working for some time, the comparing of before and after. It was a 10, not it’s a 3. Yes, I did feel a, b, c, are some other things that will be discussed. It’s quite simple. Our time together will be non-invasive but will be a transition, awareness, change, awareness of feelings as we work, though we’re not face-to-face.

Get Started With These Holistic Healing Methods

All of these things you can anticipate will transpire as you and I work to overcome addiction. I welcome you and encourage you. Reach out to me and let us spend some time together so I can be of help to you. Purchase addiction-breaking sessions on my website today and let’s begin this journey together.

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