Holistic Healing Methods

Holistic Healing for a Woman’s Reproductive System

I met a woman who worked for Homeland Security three years ago. When I met her, she was referred to me and she was living in Washington D.C. I was living on the West Coast. A long story made short, she was about 10 weeks pregnant. At the time, the doctors told her after they looked at the ultrasound and all the tests, that the child was too small. That one of the kidneys hadn’t shown up and one of the lungs hadn’t shown up and that she should absolutely have an abortion. There was nothing to talk about.

Holistic Healing Methods Had the Answer

Without hesitating, unequivocally, I told her, “That won’t be necessary, and you need to sit down and schedule four sessions with me right now.” And she did, immediately.

By the time we were finished with our second session, she went back and the doctor took some more tests. And much to his shock, indicated to her, that both the organ that were missing were showing up. Everything had lined up and was perfectly in sync the way that is should be.

By the time we got to the fourth session, she was already told by the doctor that everything for some ungodly reason that he couldn’t explain was perfect. And that lady went on to have a beautiful baby girl.

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If you are pregnancy, experiencing fertility issues, or are concerned for your unborn child, my holistic healing methods can help. Please read through my website and discover natural ways to increase your fertility and protect your reproductive system with my gifts as a natural healer. You can purchase intuitive healing sessions of your own on my website right now.

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