Intuitive Healer

How a Medical Intuitive Helps with Heart & Blood Pressure Concerns

I’d like to take a moment to explain to you what you can anticipate will transpire when you come to me to work on anything is related to your heart, blood pressure, past or present tense concerns of the heart. Valves, the functioning, the dynamics, the blood pressure aspects. All of these things relative to the thing people call “the heart.”

Distance Healing for Your Heart

When you come to me for anything related to heart disease, I’ll initially spend some time assessing and speaking to you about things that could be implemented into your daily life to help these things. After we’ve put that aside, you and I will continue to do the following: quantify where there is pain. Quantify whether it’s post-operative that is still trying to speed up the process of enhancement and healing. Speeding up that process or opening up the process internally where we’re looking at physiological impairments. I’ll approach both this way.

I’ll have you relax, sit down or lie down, whichever is your preference regardless if you are in a hospital, at home, or otherwise. We’ll work over the phone this way. I’ll then have you quantify what is the number of your impairment, if 10 is high, 1 is the least, and you say to me, “It’s 1 out of 10,” “It’s 9 or 10 out of 10.” Our objective while it’s healing, you and I, will be to move those numbers putting them to zero. Bring them close to zero.

Alternative Healing for Your Heart with a Medical Intuitive

With that you will notice enhancement, strength, clearing, lessening of pain, easing of breathing, all of these various physiological awarenesses. We will note, you and I, those changes as we work. Before and after, there will be a number you will assign that at the end we will note has changed. If it is allowable and the patient is not in the hospital, I would have you get up and walk, slowly, move around and notice the changes.

This is a brief explanation of what you can anticipate as you will come to me for help in this area. I look forward to being of help to you and I will await your correspondence to begin this process. You can learn more about how the distance healing process works by discovering all of the conditions that I treat. You can also get started with your own distance healing sessions via telephone by purchasing sessions through the website.

Curious How Alternative Healing Could Change Your Life?

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