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The Traditional Approach To Pain Management Is Not Good Enough

When you suffer from chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia or other conditions, it becomes very discouraging to hear doctor after doctor say, “you’ll just have to learn to live with daily pain.” But all too often that’s what we are told.

Chronic pain is debilitating. And it isn’t just the physical pain that creates barriers to living a full and productive life. Being in constant pain is exhausting to the body and the mind. It leads to chronic fatigue and depression. The stress it causes often leads to increased inflammation which launches an entirely new set of symptoms to deal with. It is a vicious cycle.

“I am a doctor in Rhode Island and work at Rhode Island Medical Center. Antonio Silva was introduced to me in 2007 from a mutual female Dr. that he healed of reproductive concerns. He doesn’t make a big thing of what he does but I assure you he hasn’t failed any patients I send him. Antonio always my thanks to you.” — Review by Dr. Robert M. (Surgeon)

Antonio Silva Helps Eliminate The Pain

Antonio is an Intuitive Distance Healer. He has spent more than 20 years fine-tuning his natural abilities to help people correct energy imbalances and overcome chronic illnesses. By identifying the root cause of your pain – which often goes deeper than what has been diagnosed by a doctor – he focuses all of his energy on permanently healing your mind and body.
“I am a traditionally trained medical doctor. I first met Antonio Silva some 7 years ago. I had been researching energy healers/ medical intuitive and I was led to Antonio Silva-” These Gifted Hands”. I had been suffering for a few months in agony with sciatica. After only 3 sessions with Antonio, I was pain-free. I have not had another episode of sciatica. I do not completely understand how he does what he does, but it WORKS!” —Review by Dr. Melaney J. / Washington D.C. (Medical Doctor—Pediatrician)

What About Other Non Traditional Treatments?

Energy healing comes in many forms and can be accomplished by a gifted practitioner remotely or in person.

Because his mission is to alleviate suffering, Antonio supports his client’s desires to pursue all forms of healing including visualization and acupuncture.healing.

Over the years, what he has found is that many of his clients come to him after having exhausting other options. So, if you have tried these other options with no relief, give Antonio a call. His unmatched ability to connect with clients and sense what is happening with them and their energy will surprise and delight you.

“I no longer have the pain, limited mobility,and fatigue that has been with me for the past 2 years. You have done for me something that has changed my life. Please know I speak for myself and family when I say thank you for the total healing that has taken place in my body.” —Review by Kenneth R. / North Carolina

Curious How Alternative Healing Could Change Your Life?

If you are interested and ready to receive healing from a remote, medical intuitive healer, contact Antonio’s Healing Hands today to schedule a consultation.