Pain Relief Testimonials

Basketball Leg Pain

I am happy to have met you and want to thank you for your great work. In the last month since you worked on my leg I no longer have the pain and limited extension that was a problem for some months. Professional basketball is very demanding and yes we do fall and sometimes get hurt in ways that take time to heal. My cousin told me about you and met you in Atlanta after a game he was in. Being a professional athlete himself I knew his back was a problem that warranted therapy and massage almost daily to keep him in the game. I must admit when I was told you could heal and help people via a telephone I was surprised. You somehow were able to get me into a state on the telephone that was like being under anesthesia.That in itself was amazing but what was more impressive was my leg was very warm and then cool when you were working on me. At the end of our time together you suggested that since the pain was about 60% gone I should consider your 4 session option and have the appointments all in 1 week. Well the appointments are all done and I am happy to tell you I no longer have any problems with my leg. I no longer need any therapy and the pain hasn’t at all come back. You my friend are a very blessed man. As you know I have spoken to the staff, and we look forward to having you available for my fellow players.


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