Pain Relief Testimonials

Leg & Hip Pain

I promised I would get back to you with my update and findings and now after a full 2 months want to report what you already I am sure know. I no longer have chronic pain in my legs and especially my right hip. After 6 years on pain meds and walking slow with a cane I now can both work pain free and no longer have to take any medication for pain. Being that I am in the movie industry it is necessary to show a total picture to people who see me on television as being young and agile with what viewers would call the perfect body and looks. That wasn’t the case on the inside as you know when we met. I was aware of your work when you offered your services to those at the Lilly Claire fund raiser in Hollywood some time ago. I knew through my personal friends that you were real but because of who I am had to be careful since image is everything. And so it was when I first called you.

What was amazing was you told me all my concerns over a telephone without my saying anything but my name. That had my attention. What was more mind bending then that was your telling me up front all would be well when we had only been on the telephone less than 30 minutes. Your 1st session left me almost in an anesthesia like feeling and I noted a deep warmth inside me everywhere. We then agreed to do some follow-up sessions immediately and that is when I really noted your abilities. During the 1st and 2nd sessions you spoke of events in my life that as you said needed to disappear. Knowing those moments was enough to make my hair stand up, but the aftermath of those sessions was more compelling. No more cane and I became limber and able to walk both fast and with ease. It is now a month since our last session and I am totally pain free and able to do my television work without the need for breaks. I am both amazed and humbled to know such a person is on this Earth and though I am in a business where fictional is the operative word when I star in movies I trust the day will come someone will play the role of your life for you are beyond anything Hollywood could ever think is in Earth. My dear brother and friend it is a pleasure to have met you and receive your miraculous gift.


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