This letter is to confirm something which you know to be true. I was lucky enough to consult with you about a month ago. Not only had you provided me with guidance during a very difficult personal time but I was pleasantly surprised when you offered me your healing powers.

As I admitted to you that very day, the pain in my neck and shoulder area was gone after you were done. But more amazing to me is that I found out today that my ovarian cyst is gone entirely! I was scheduled for surgery next week and just got back from the hospital for some “pre-op” work. When they did the ultrasound they could not find anything! So my 4-5 cm (about 2 ½”) cyst is gone.

I’ve spread the good news to everyone I know and I feel very blessed to have had the pleasure of meeting someone with such a great gift. You should be hearing from at least three people that I know of who are in desperate need of your gifts, too.

Forever grateful,