Pain Relief Testimonials

Professional Baseball Arm Pain

I met with you Antonio last year to deal with a constant arm problem that limited my ability to both lift my arm totally and caused a constant pain. I had heard about you from a relative who you helped with something that also kept them in constant pain that you were able to heal in 4 sessions that were each for 1 hour. I have been with a California-based professional baseball team for some time and was concerned they wouldn’t renew my upcoming contract if I couldn’t demonstrate this arm problem was still a big issue. When I first met you told me immediately I would not be totally helped in 1 single hour, but that you would be able to totally heal me. At first, I was put off but something inside me said why not try to see what you can do. During our first session, you not only provided a huge change but took my pain level from 9 out of 10 to a 3. What was more of a surprise to me was your ability to know my other concerns and yes my stomach which also was a problem to me for some time. That was totally gone in our first session and to date hasn’t come back.

I have been to many types of doctors that weren’t able to totally resolve my arm concerns before you who wanted to do surgery. For me that wasn’t an option.

Your 2nd and 3rd sessions had my pain down to 0 and by the 4th I had total mobility to throw again and raise my arm to catch in the outfield which is very important to me. I don’t know how it is you are able to do what you do. What I do know is that indeed you totally healed my arm and for me that is worth millions since I am young and yes am paid millions of dollars to do what I do. Please know I am grateful to you always and your honesty and humility are quite refreshing. Be certain I have already told my team members about you and the great gift you have.

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