1. An Alternative Treatment for Diabetes

    I'd like to take a moment to speak to you regarding what you can anticipate will transpire when you come to me for help because you have diabetes. What I would ask is that you first take a few moments with me and I'll go over your history. What does that mean? That means the things that I know and s…Read More

  2. Breaking Addictions with Holistic Healing Methods

    I'd like to take a minute to share with you on what you can anticipate you'll experience when you come to me for help with addictions. The most important thing when you come to me for a telephone session is the assessment. "What degree do I feel represents what I am feeling?" is the first thing I'm …Read More

  3. Natural Ways to Increase Fertility With Distance Healing

    I've written before on this blog about the impact that my holistic healing methods can have on the female reproductive system. A woman who I met in Washington, D.C. was told she would need to abort her baby who was developing without a second kidney and had only one lung. By the fourth session with …Read More

  4. Holistic Healing for a Woman’s Reproductive System

    I met a woman who worked for Homeland Security three years ago. When I met her, she was referred to me and she was living in Washington D.C. I was living on the West Coast. A long story made short, she was about 10 weeks pregnant. At the time, the doctors told her after they looked at the ultrasound…Read More