Testimonials For Remote Healing: Trusted By Doctors And Celebrities

In our blog today, we’ll go over what people are saying about Antonio’s Healing Hands. If you’re suffering from a condition you’d like treated such as heart disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, cancer, or chronic or acute pain, then our intuitive healer can use holistic healing methods in your own session with Antonio. Contact Antonio’s Healing Hands to schedule a session.

About Antonios Healing Hands

Antonio Silva is an intuitive healer who has helped people feel better for several years. He was born as a distance healer and medical intuitive who has the ability to heal those who are in pain physically or mentally. Trusted by doctors as well as celebrities, Antonio’s Healing Hands provides intuitive healing to those who need it. Antonio has helped people throughout the country; both those who are celebrities and regular people who are suffering from conditions. Antonio’s Healing Hands has treated everything from Lyme disease to insomnia.

Our Testimonials

We know there are skeptics out there, which is why we’ve asked people, just like you, who Antonio has healed to write testimonials to explain to others the effects of his healing hands. Remote healing is a holistic practice that can work for those who are suffering from conditions that keep them restrained in certain aspects of life. As an intuitive healer, he strives to provide people with the solutions they want to feel better in their day-to-day life. A unique hallmark of Antonio’s Healing Hands is that he offers people the ability to restore their health no matter where they may be located. Remote healing can help those who want to face their condition and defeat it to have the opportunity to feel stronger. Continue your journey to a healthy life when you choose Antonio’s Healing Hands.


Testimonials help to give others a chance to see what we can offer them. If someone has an ovarian cyst or hip pain and they read the testimonials about other people being healed, they’ll be able to know there is hope for them. Our pain testimonials range from those who have suffered pain due to being an athlete to general back pain issues. Each of these people has experienced healing for their pain when they scheduled a session with Antonio’s Healing Hands.


For those who suffer from other conditions, we have testimonials written for those who have experienced issues that prohibit them from certain lifestyles. Issues such as an underdeveloped fetus, emotional turmoil, liver disease, addiction to drugs, cancer, Lyme disease, insomnia, and so many other conditions that can limit your lifestyle. We’ve gotten testimonials that tell real stories of real people that have spent years fighting conditions that have restrained them from living a comfortable life. Some of the testimonials we’ve received that help others know that we are a trusted intuitive healer include people informing others they no longer have pain, seen growth with their fetus, and have helped to sleep through the night again.

If you’d like to have your pain healed, then Antonio’s Healing Hands can help you. Schedule a session with Antonio Silva today to treat any chronic or acute pain or conditions.

Curious How Alternative Healing Could Change Your Life?

If you are interested and ready to receive healing from a remote, medical intuitive healer, contact Antonio’s Healing Hands today to schedule a consultation.