Any parent who has raised an autistic child understands the many struggles that come with the territory. From sleepless nights to the constant need for supervision to random outbursts, autism is a struggle for the individual trapped in their own body and the family surrounding them. While there is no known cure for autism, different treatments, therapies, and spiritual healing methods may help. Keep reading to learn more about Antonio Silva’s work as an intuitive healer and how he may be able to help your family that is coping with autism.


Autism is a developmental condition that occurs prior to birth, but it sometimes isn’t noticed until a child is a year or two old. This condition makes it exceptionally difficult for an individual to communicate, take social cues, or interact with people in general. Much like other conditions, there is a spectrum on which autism occurs from mild to severe, resulting in varied levels of communication and functionality in society. Some of the most common symptoms of autism are as follows:

  • Poor Eye Contact
  • Compulsive Behavior
  • Repetitive Movements
  • Self-Harm
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Difficulty Paying Attention
  • Sensitivity to Sound


While you may doubt that Antonio Silva can help with a developmental disorder that manifests very early on in childhood, his work as an intuitive healer has allowed him to help many other individuals and families. Here’s what Maureen had to say about her session with Antonio and her autistic son: “Again I waited for the third session and at that point the real miracles began to manifest. Thomas began to communicate in word sentences without any prompting and continued to show his desire to eat all foods without any hesitation. It is now after the 4th session that I say what many may find not possible. My son is like a new person. He interacts with children, sits and reads with me and no longer has outbursts as was the case before.”