1. Sciatica & Pain

    This is a long, long overdue personal testimony regarding my multiple experiences with Antonio Silva. I am a traditionally trained medical doctor.  I first met Antonio Silva some 7 years ago.  I had been researching energy healers/ medical intuitive and I was led to Antonio Silva-” These Gifted Hands”.  I had been suffering for a few months in agony with sciatica.  It involved my entire left leg and toes.  I was in excruciating pain having difficulty walking, and sleeping.  I had been to a number of practitioners- MD’s, chiropractors, physical therapists, in addition to being placed on multiple pain medicines with NO relief.  After only 3 sessions with Antonio, I was pain-free-  That was in 2009.  I have not had another episode of sciatica since.  I do not completely understand how he does what he does, but it WORKS!   Some 2 years later, I was exercising and injured my back- again had difficulty walking without assistance, excruciating pain, and required help with daily life tasks.  Suffice it to say,  I did not waste time with my medical doctor who again placed me on pain relievers- I contacted Antonio Silva!  Again, in a  very short period, my pain was relieved!  

    During my first phone conversation with Antonio, (without having ever met me), Antonio told me several things about myself that were true, even though I had NEVER shared that information with him!  He knew immediately that I had had long standing reproductive problems, that I suffered with and immune deficiency and that I had a history of smoking cigarettes and occasional drinking.  Obviously, this got my attention because Antonio has never met me in person, and at the time I had not shared the above issues with him.  Antonio has always been accurate and “spot on” in helping me to understand what is going on in my body. He has alway been honest! Letting me know that lifestyle changes are imperative if I want to be healed.  Again, I am a medical doctor and at one time  I believed  that with my medical education and training, I had a good understanding and knowledge of how the body heals, however, after working with Antonio Silva and his “gifted healing hands” for the past 7 years, I realize I have a lot to learn. I am forever, grateful for all the help Antonio has given me over the years.  I am almost sure I would not be here today, if it were not for the work he has done with me.  I have and will continue to recommend Antonio Silva to friends and family members who are looking for true healing.  So thankful that I have met Antonio Silva  – with all sincerity.

    - Dr. Melaney J./ Washington DC (Medical Doctor- Pediatrician)
  2. Thyroid Concerns

    I am Dr. Shama Alam and I met Antonio Silva and his wonderful wife in 2006. My hip at the time and thyroid were concerns. Arrangements were made for Antonio to meet me at his home in Pennsylvania. At the time I had not told Antonio my actual concerns but was aware he had multiple abilities to know such things casually and even act on them casually. What happened when I first stood face to face with me I shall never forget. Antonio greeted me at the door and as I laid eyes on him he smiled and said come in and don’t worry about your hip or thyroid. At that very moment I had multiple awareness of warmth, coolness, and tingling in my throat head and hip region. I could not move. Antonio’s wife was smiling casually and said let me take your coat. Antonio put out his hand to shake my hand once my coat was off. His eyes literally appeared to have a light in them not seen in any patient I have worked with or seen. I was noting then feeling much less pain and shook Antonio’s hand. Immediately all the pain was gone and a wave of strength filled me. From that moment forward never again did I have a thyroid problem and my hip was totally healed. Antonio has continued to be of help to me over the years since we met and has via telephone healed the many patients I have sent him from pain and even on one occasion as he was driving cross country to a new location.

    - Dr. Shama Alam
  3. Pain

    I Am a doctor in Rhode Island and work at Rhode Island Medical Center. Antonio Silva was introduced to me in 2007 from a mutual female Dr. that he healed of reproductive concerns. I called him at his home at the time and yes he did expect my call. What amazed me was the fact that as he said hello to me for the first second on the phone my entire body began to become extremely warm and cool and my back which at the time was in constant pain for years and had 2 surgeries totally relaxed and all the pain disappeared instantly. Factually what was more impressive was his noting my life history medically without me saying anything first. He doesn’t make a big thing of what he does but I assure you he hasn’t failed any patients I send him. Antonio always my thanks to you.

    Dr. Robert M. (Surgeon)
  4. Parkinson’s

    Antonio I want to take a moment and update you on my working with you. I now have much more control over my body and note that I have longer periods of mobility that enable me to walk longer and have control. I understand we have only worked together for 3 sessions but have not had this kind of improvement in the last year prior to working with you. I look forward to continuing to work with you and am very happy to have found you.

    -Betty/ New York
  5. Multiple Sclerosis

    My thanks to the great improvement in my body and strength. I can move and walk with greater mobility and coordination and don’t get tired as easily as I did before. I have a peace and hope that wasn’t thought possible. I work longer periods at my job as a lawyer and that is so important to me. Thank you, Antonio, for what you do. I will continue to work with you and am excited.

    -Jessica/ Los Angeles
  6. Ovarian Cyst

    This letter is to confirm something which you know to be true. I was lucky enough to consult with you about a month ago. Not only had you provided me with guidance during a very difficult personal time but I was pleasantly surprised when you offered me your healing powers.

    As I admitted to you that very day, the pain in my neck and shoulder area was gone after you were done. But more amazing to me is that I found out today that my ovarian cyst is gone entirely! I was scheduled for surgery next week and just got back from the hospital for some “pre-op” work. When they did the ultrasound they could not find anything! So my 4-5 cm (about 2 ½”) cyst is gone.

    I’ve spread the good news to everyone I know and I feel very blessed to have had the pleasure of meeting someone with such a great gift. You should be hearing from at least three people that I know of who are in desperate need of your gifts, too.

    Forever grateful,

  7. Uterine Cancer

    I had the extreme pleasure of Antonio’s healing abilities. I was told that I had uterine cancer and needless to say I was scared to death. Antonio told me from the beginning that there was no cancer and helped me work my way through it. My sessions with him were amazing! I had never experienced anything like it before. We were thousands of miles apart but it felt as if he were right next to me helping me all the way. His kind words of inspiration and his healing hands helped me. I would recommend him to anyone with any kind of health issue. After several treatments, I went back to the doctors for more tests and just as Antonio had said I was cancer free.

    God Bless you Antonio and thank you for everything.

  8. AIDS

    It is with great excitement that I update you. We have worked for the last 6 weeks on my AIDS related concerns. With that said I did get my updated blood counts and they are much improved along with my stamina and capacity to have full clear eyesight. I am excited to see what the future now holds. I look forward to my upcoming sessions and will keep my water intake at the levels you noted.

    -Ryan / Chicago
  9. Insomnia

    First up let me thank you for literally doing what no other person before you could do. Getting me a good night sleep again. After many years of dealing with this condition, you did as indicated take me through a process of healing that within 4 sessions. I both sleep and enjoy my full strength again. Your friendship is a great gift.

    -Thomas/ Boston
  10. Lyme Disease

    I no longer have the pain, limited mobility,and fatigue that has been with me for the past 2 years. You have done for me something that has changed my life. Please know I speak for myself and family when I say thank you for the total healing that has taken place in my body.

    -Kenneth R./ North Carolina