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Emotional Rebirth

It is with joy and the same feeling of being light inside that I write this testimony as promised to you. During the years my work as an actress has demanded much of me both emotionally and physically. Add to that my being married to a celebrity and you have a formula for stress and lack of rest. When I met you in person I must admit though I knew of your work you looked very outwardly ordinary and calm. I don’t know where to begin but will say it this way. When you came into my house I noted a smell of roses my favorite flower and your eyes had a light in them I had not seen ever in my life. You were casual and asked me to simply lie down and close my eyes. You then proceeded to ask me to say my name out loud and then the fun began. I went into a deep sleep like sensation and state without any awareness of where I was or time itself. I remember you saying open your eyes and then from that point on everything has been new and different. No more is there the pressure in my head nor the need for pills to keep my calm inside to deal with the concerns my profession demands. My husband smiles and says maybe we can bottle what you have or put it in a movie. I say a movie it should be. Months later and I sleep each night and have calmness and energy as was the case when I was a young girl. Know for certain I will tell my friends about you and always you will be cherished for the great gift you shared at a time in my life when nothing else worked.
– H.L., Beverly Hills, CA


Just wanted to give you a quick update. It is really a great feeling to have healing I had a total of 4 Drs. appointments this week. I just came out of Dr. Fan’s office and he said that the baby’s growth is no longer lagging behind… think a week ago they said she had fallen behind by 2 weeks well the sonograms show that she has caught up. What is amazing about this he said was with her aminotic fluid production being so low it is medically unheard of… I am so thankful that I will be 31 weeks tomorrow. Thank you again I rectified the phone issue so I am here when you would like to do the rest of the sessions. Thanks again
– L.J.

Substance Abuse

I promised you this testimony and so please accept it with my best wishes and many thanks. Some time ago I heard about you from a fellow musician in London England well known to the world who felt you were beyond belief in your world of healing. With that said I took the opportunity and chance to reach out to you having tried many times to quit drugs. On our first face to face meeting you smiled and said its no big deal and I laughed to myself. To be honest I thought I was in for a letdown. Far from it. You asked me to lie on your couch and then touched my head with your hand. Immediately I felt a surge of heat and power that literally both knocked me out and made me feel dizzy. Upon coming to at the end of the hour you asked me to simply stand and walk. I noted a feeling of lightness like something left the inside of me and a deep peace. You sent me on my way with a casual comment to followup from my home with 3 sessions in the following 10 days. To say what happened next is amazing is an understatement. It is almost 8 months later and I haven’t had any desire for drugs and sleep like a baby. I am totally clean. The other members of my band laugh and want to put you on a retainer year round to deal with all of us. I know your busy so we won’t demand that. I will however ask you to come to my next tour and be a personal guest to meet my family. I am a new man and you my friend are the reason why. As I sign off may it be that all who read this email in the professional music industry learn from my experience with you and reach out as I did.
– S.T., Los Angeles, CA

Liver Disease

I very much want to THANK YOU! I am still in awe of your gifts! So is my brother, Hugh. I truly hope that anyone reading this will not pass up the opportunity for a healing with Antonio. He’s REAL! He’s GENUINE! Make no mistake about his gifts. Antonio is delightful to speak with and puts you at ease from the moment you first hear his voice. He has given both me and my brother a boost of inspiration! I am still smiling and have HUGE goose bumps! I feel there are no accidents in this life, no coincidences, and this experience was quite miraculous!

My brother was diagnosed with a liver disease in its chronic stage. He has had circulation and knee problems. I have seen the decline in him and especially in the past week, it seemed to be getting worse. His spirits were down as well. I worried what my brother would think of me requesting a healing for him after reading about Antonio on his Web site. Having had a brief reading by e-mail, I felt more confident to seek his help with a healing as he was so accurate in answering my questions. Now the challenge was getting my brother involved. I had already been told by Antonio that my brother was a bit spooked. When I told my brother about this healer and asked what he felt about me doing this for him, Antonio was correct as my brother’s response was, in fact, “I’m spooked.” I explained that a photo and something of ownership could be used for the healing. With that, my brother agreed it would be okay. I took this to mean that he was receptive, and so I set up an appointment with Antonio for a healing.

When calling long distance to Rhode Island from California, Antonio surprised me because he wanted me to be near my brother when this healing took place. I thought I could do it without letting my brother know. Antonio encouraged me to let him speak to my brother for a few moments. I told him I would have to call him back. It took me some time, because my brother was busy, and I caught him off guard. When asking my brother to participate in this healing process, the first miracle occurred: My brother said, “Okay.” I was shocked! He had to finish what he was doing and said he would be right back. I was worried, as I knew Antonio’s time is precious and I did not wish to have him cancel on us.

It was several LONG minutes and finally my brother and I were ready and I dialed the telephone. I was apologizing for the delay, but it was like Brother Antonio knew exactly what was going on at my end and had been praying for us. It worked! I suspected Antonio would speak to my brother briefly and then I would be given the phone. I handed the phone to my brother and within moments, my brother was going through the process of being healed. My brother didn’t hand the phone back, so I left them to do their work. Some time passed and I checked back and saw my brother standing up with ease and walking around. He looked taller and seemed more comfortable in his movement. He stood for a while, and maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me, but his back seemed to look like it was wavering, like a ripple effect.

Later, my brother called me in to thank me for doing this for him, and he told me, “I have no pain.” His face was changed, he looked “youthful” and was smiling and his coloring was much better. My brother is a quiet man—or, as Antonio stated, “Your brother is a man’s man.” I had feared that he wouldn’t go for the healing; instead, I saw my brother very receptive and very willing and, later, very much wanting to share his experience with me. This amazed me! I do not know if it takes someone to be so desperate with illnesses that they’ll try anything. I do not know why we are not more open to ways other than conventional means, but I do know that what I experienced this morning, November 7, 2001, was miraculous in many ways.

My brother handed me the phone, and after having the opportunity to speak some more with Antonio and thank him, our conversation came to a close. I ran out then to ask my brother what he truly felt. He told me, “I can’t explain it, but there was a point where my eyesight got very clear, and I was feeling a tingling. Brother Antonio then said to me, ‘Your eyesight is much clearer,’ and I knew he was in the room with me!” When my brother stood up one time, Antonio said, “Now that you’re standing,” and my brother said he began looking into the computer screen and wondering, “Is he seeing me?” Antonio knew things about my brother that nobody did. He knew what my brother was doing at every point. My brother said, “He’s amazing! I am amazed!” We just both sat there beaming HUGE smiles!

Already my brother’s coloring looks better, his demeanor has changed. He looks different to me, much happier and healthier. There has been a CHANGE in him. I can’t even put into words what I am seeing. I was thankful to witness this complete turnaround. My brother mentioned that his hands feel better; the swelling is going down. He’s just different! It’s AWESOME!!!

I guarantee that anyone working with Antonio will not be disappointed. I witnessed several miracles right before my eyes and it’s AMAZING! For those in need of healing or counseling, Antonio will not fail you! Don’t pass up the opportunity when you need it most. Give yourself the chance to receive the blessings which flow from Antonio. I’m still SMILING and THANK YOU VERY MUCH Antonio with all my heart! On behalf of my brother and me, WE BOTH THANK YOU!!

– Anne and Hugh

Emotional / Psychological

It is with the biggest smile that I write this follow-up to you since last we met. As you know I was both nervous and had great anxiety when a fellow actress in the movie industry quietly told me about you. Years of work in Hollywood and the demands of not getting the real inner rest as you taught me had taken its hold on me inside. Being on location in far off places doesn’t give me the time to always stay in a mode of operating in a way that promotes strength and peace and I had to reach for that from prescribed meds. from my doctor. The first time on the telephone with you blew my mind since I was on the other side of the world involved in a long term movie project. You were kind enough to work at a time frame that was the middle of the night for you and it appeared that didn’t even pose a concern or problem. Words were beyond my mind when you asked me just close my eyes and then say my name out loud. Immediately I went into what seemed to be a realm of light that left me almost in an anesthesia like state complete with a warmth I never ever felt. When we were at the end of that 1st session you asked me to follow-up with a series of sessions as soon as possible. I waited a week and it was what happened in that time frame that caught my attention. People on the set asked me what I was doing since they noted a difference in my face and light in my eyes not previously noted. I smiled and simply said I was getting more sleep.

Your next sessions were not something I thought could be from Earth. When asked to close my eyes I said my name and was then taken back to moments of my life that would appear and then seemingly disappear with what followed to be a deep peace and feeling of being extremely light inside. I noted as an aftermath my ability to know my lines for the movie I was in with great ease and also not having to take meds to maintain a calmness and balance unlike before. I no longer take any meds, and I have both energy and peace not ever known. My doctors asked me if I am doing yoga or something new and I simply say I have found something beyond all that. I am ever grateful to you for healing me. I portray fictional people only created in the minds of writers but I assure you the story of your life will someday be told in a movie that I hope to be a part of. You are a real character and not fictional and yes a miracle worker my dear friend. My love and best wishes are always with you and I know we will again meet when you are in Santa Barbara.

– H.J.


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful developments in my son Thomas who as you know was diagnosed with Autism from his early childhood. I found you on a word search and took a chance to see what might be possible to deal with this condition. On our first session you told me to sit and relax with Thomas in the room and then commenced to work as you said on him through me. I began to feel a calmness and warmth come over me and more surprisingly noted Thomas began to be less boisterous and agitated and calm down. I must admit I thought perhaps it was maybe just a positive timing and did agree to work again with you to see what else might happen. I waited a few days and in that period noted that Thomas seemed calmer and was trying to communicate slowly without the previous frustrations I would see in him. I set up the 4 sessions series you suggested and then the real fun began. I say fun because after the 1st of those 4 sessions Thomas began to make himself more receptive to eating all different types of foods which beforehand had never been the case. I also noted he slept longer and became more engaged with us and not as hyper.

Your 2nd session prompted an almost serene current in the room we were both in and Thomas came and sat on the couch next to me and put his head on my lap. He fell into a sleep. That had never happened. Again I waited for the third session and at that point the real miracles began to manifest. Thomas began to communicate in word sentences without any prompting and continued to show his desire to eat all foods without any hesitation. It is now after the 4th session that I say what many may find not possible. My son is like a new person. He interacts with children, sits and reads with me and no longer has outbursts as was the case before. I have taken him to a new school where he is now qualified to move on in his development and though he still has some time to catch up with children in a higher mode of development in their educational development he is definitely a brand new young boy and for that we thank you. I know you are here to help people around the world and I am indeed happy to have found you. A blessing you are and we shall always keep you in our prayers.

– Marueen L.

Hearing and Tinnitus

I want to take a moment and send you the update I promised. It has been almost 6 months since the last time you worked on me and I want to once again confirm the following. I no longer have the ringing in my ears and the pressure is totally gone. This isn’t maybe amazing to you since I know you work with all conditions. I also noted when we first met that you indicated that the most important time for you is the 1st session with a client since that is the time which tells you what might be possible. That being noted I noticed immediately you were able to tell me things about my physical concerns and the duration with simply my telling you my name. That was compelling. What was more of interest was the defining of the 1 to 10 placement of a number choice to represent what my discomfort level was. Immediately it came down from 9 to about 6 in the first session and continued to decrease to almost 1 where it stayed. I can now function wonderfully and hear without the magnitude of ringing and yes my back is doing wonderful though that wasn’t even the major concern that caused us to meet. I forever grateful for meeting you and will tell all those I meet of your work and miracles.
– Kenneth D.


As promised I am following up with this update that speaks to my present condition. 3 months ago we met through a reference of a friend you had healed of cancer. She indicated you had a real capacity to be able to know areas of concern and deal with them almost instantly. Working myself in the conventional field of medicine I was open to alternative considerations. On our first meeting you were quick to point out the specific areas of concern and the duration of those concerns without my saying anything to you but my name. That had my attention. After that the following really set me off. I was asked to relax and close my eyes and simply relax and say my name. I did so and then noted an experience like floating and being warm all over my body. I opened my eyes and noted the discomfort level in my reproductive area and pain was much lower. With that said I decided to follow-up as you suggested with a series of immediate sessions. After the first 2 sessions I was scheduled for blood work. I noted you saying not to be concerned but kept it to myself. When I went to the lab for follow-up blood work the results came back normal. My conventional doctor asked me to come in and then told me there was no explanation for what he noted that made sense. I smiled to myself and continued with you. It was after that 4th session that I was amazed. I totally felt a lightness and no more discomfort in that region of my body which previously for 2 years was not the case. A cat scan and follow-up series of tests shows no Cancer or mass present and it is for that I am eternally grateful. I don’t understand or know how it is you can do what you do but can assure you thats of no concern to me. You are a miracle worker and for that I thank you for your sharing this great gift with me.
– Deborah G., R.N

Lyme Disease

I no longer have the pain, limited mobility, and fatigue that has been with me for the past 2 years. You have done for me something that has changed my life. Please know I speak for myself and family when I say thank you for the total healing that has taken place in my body.
– Kenneth R., North Carolina


First up let me thank you for literally doing what no other person before you could do. Getting me a good night sleep again. After many years of dealing with this condition, you did as indicated take me through a process of healing that within 4 sessions. I both sleep and enjoy my full strength again. Your friendship is a great gift.
– Thomas, Boston, MA


It is with great excitement that I update you. We have worked for the last 6 weeks on my AIDS related concerns. With that said I did get my updated blood counts and they are much improved along with my stamina and capacity to have full clear eyesight. I am excited to see what the future now holds. I look forward to my upcoming sessions and will keep my water intake at the levels you noted.
– Ryan, Chicago, IL

Uterine Cancer

I had the extreme pleasure of Antonio’s healing abilities. I was told that I had uterine cancer and needless to say I was scared to death. Antonio told me from the beginning that there was no cancer and helped me work my way through it. My sessions with him were amazing! I had never experienced anything like it before. We were thousands of miles apart but it felt as if he were right next to me helping me all the way. His kind words of inspiration and his healing hands helped me. I would recommend him to anyone with any kind of health issue. After several treatments, I went back to the doctors for more tests and just as Antonio had said I was cancer free.

God Bless you Antonio and thank you for everything.

– Corinne

Ovarian Cyst

This letter is to confirm something which you know to be true. I was lucky enough to consult with you about a month ago. Not only had you provided me with guidance during a very difficult personal time but I was pleasantly surprised when you offered me your healing powers.

As I admitted to you that very day, the pain in my neck and shoulder area was gone after you were done. But more amazing to me is that I found out today that my ovarian cyst is gone entirely! I was scheduled for surgery next week and just got back from the hospital for some “pre-op” work. When they did the ultrasound they could not find anything! So my 4-5 cm (about 2 ½”) cyst is gone.

I’ve spread the good news to everyone I know and I feel very blessed to have had the pleasure of meeting someone with such a great gift. You should be hearing from at least three people that I know of who are in desperate need of your gifts, too.

Forever grateful,

– Marlene

Multiple Sclerosis

My thanks to the great improvement in my body and strength. I can move and walk with greater mobility and coordination and don’t get tired as easily as I did before. I have a peace and hope that wasn’t thought possible. I work longer periods at my job as a lawyer and that is so important to me. Thank you, Antonio, for what you do. I will continue to work with you and am excited.
– Jessica, Los Angeles, CA

Parkinson’s Disease

Antonio I want to take a moment and update you on my working with you. I now have much more control over my body and note that I have longer periods of mobility that enable me to walk longer and have control. I understand we have only worked together for 3 sessions but have not had this kind of improvement in the last year prior to working with you. I look forward to continuing to work with you and am very happy to have found you.
– Betty, New York

Thyroid Concerns

I am Dr. Shama Alam and I met Antonio Silva and his wonderful wife in 2006. My hip at the time and thyroid were concerns. Arrangements were made for Antonio to meet me at his home in Pennsylvania. At the time I had not told Antonio my actual concerns but was aware he had multiple abilities to know such things casually and even act on them casually. What happened when I first stood face to face with me I shall never forget. Antonio greeted me at the door and as I laid eyes on him he smiled and said come in and don’t worry about your hip or thyroid. At that very moment I had multiple awareness of warmth, coolness, and tingling in my throat head and hip region. I could not move. Antonio’s wife was smiling casually and said let me take your coat. Antonio put out his hand to shake my hand once my coat was off. His eyes literally appeared to have a light in them not seen in any patient I have worked with or seen. I was noting then feeling much less pain and shook Antonio’s hand. Immediately all the pain was gone and a wave of strength filled me. From that moment forward never again did I have a thyroid problem and my hip was totally healed. Antonio has continued to be of help to me over the years since we met and has via telephone healed the many patients I have sent him from pain and even on one occasion as he was driving cross country to a new location.
– Dr. Shama Alam

Leg & Hip Pain

I promised I would get back to you with my update and findings and now after a full 2 months want to report what you already I am sure know. I no longer have chronic pain in my legs and especially my right hip. After 6 years on pain meds and walking slow with a cane I now can both work pain free and no longer have to take any medication for pain. Being that I am in the movie industry it is necessary to show a total picture to people who see me on television as being young and agile with what viewers would call the perfect body and looks. That wasn’t the case on the inside as you know when we met. I was aware of your work when you offered your services to those at the Lilly Claire fund raiser in Hollywood some time ago. I knew through my personal friends that you were real but because of who I am had to be careful since image is everything. And so it was when I first called you.

What was amazing was you told me all my concerns over a telephone without my saying anything but my name. That had my attention. What was more mind bending then that was your telling me up front all would be well when we had only been on the telephone less than 30 minutes. Your 1st session left me almost in an anesthesia like feeling and I noted a deep warmth inside me everywhere. We then agreed to do some follow-up sessions immediately and that is when I really noted your abilities. During the 1st and 2nd sessions you spoke of events in my life that as you said needed to disappear. Knowing those moments was enough to make my hair stand up, but the aftermath of those sessions was more compelling. No more cane and I became limber and able to walk both fast and with ease. It is now a month since our last session and I am totally pain free and able to do my television work without the need for breaks. I am both amazed and humbled to know such a person is on this Earth and though I am in a business where fictional is the operative word when I star in movies I trust the day will come someone will play the role of your life for you are beyond anything Hollywood could ever think is in Earth. My dear brother and friend it is a pleasure to have met you and receive your miraculous gift.

– Johnny

Basketball Leg Pain

I am happy to have met you and want to thank you for your great work. In the last month since you worked on my leg I no longer have the pain and limited extension that was a problem for some months. Professional basketball is very demanding and yes we do fall and sometimes get hurt in ways that take time to heal. My cousin told me about you and met you in Atlanta after a game he was in. Being a professional athlete himself I knew his back was a problem that warranted therapy and massage almost daily to keep him in the game. I must admit when I was told you could heal and help people via a telephone I was surprised. You somehow were able to get me into a state on the telephone that was like being under anesthesia.That in itself was amazing but what was more impressive was my leg was very warm and then cool when you were working on me. At the end of our time together you suggested that since the pain was about 60% gone I should consider your 4 session option and have the appointments all in 1 week. Well the appointments are all done and I am happy to tell you I no longer have any problems with my leg. I no longer need any therapy and the pain hasn’t at all come back. You my friend are a very blessed man. As you know I have spoken to the staff, and we look forward to having you available for my fellow players.
– A.W.

Professional Baseball Arm Pain

I met with you Antonio last year to deal with a constant arm problem that limited my ability to both lift my arm totally and caused a constant pain. I had heard about you from a relative who you helped with something that also kept them in constant pain that you were able to heal in 4 sessions that were each for 1 hour. I have been with a California-based professional baseball team for some time and was concerned they wouldn’t renew my upcoming contract if I couldn’t demonstrate this arm problem was still a big issue. When I first met you told me immediately I would not be totally helped in 1 single hour, but that you would be able to totally heal me. At first, I was put off but something inside me said why not try to see what you can do. During our first session, you not only provided a huge change but took my pain level from 9 out of 10 to a 3. What was more of a surprise to me was your ability to know my other concerns and yes my stomach which also was a problem to me for some time. That was totally gone in our first session and to date hasn’t come back.

I have been to many types of doctors that weren’t able to totally resolve my arm concerns before you who wanted to do surgery. For me that wasn’t an option.

Your 2nd and 3rd sessions had my pain down to 0 and by the 4th I had total mobility to throw again and raise my arm to catch in the outfield which is very important to me. I don’t know how it is you are able to do what you do. What I do know is that indeed you totally healed my arm and for me that is worth millions since I am young and yes am paid millions of dollars to do what I do. Please know I am grateful to you always and your honesty and humility are quite refreshing. Be certain I have already told my team members about you and the great gift you have.

Back Pain

My back is totally new since you worked on me. I no longer need therapy and can jump and move in ways that I did earlier in my career. I want you to come to see me play when you are in Los Angeles. I will see to it you get good seats and look forward to having you demonstrate to my team members your abilities. You will be a friend for life.

Sciatica & Pain

This is a long, long overdue personal testimony regarding my multiple experiences with Antonio Silva. I am a traditionally trained medical doctor. I first met Antonio Silva some 7 years ago. I had been researching energy healers/ medical intuitive and I was led to Antonio Silva-” These Gifted Hands”. I had been suffering for a few months in agony with sciatica. It involved my entire left leg and toes. I was in excruciating pain having difficulty walking, and sleeping. I had been to a number of practitioners- MD’s, chiropractors, physical therapists, in addition to being placed on multiple pain medicines with NO relief. After only 3 sessions with Antonio, I was pain-free- That was in 2009. I have not had another episode of sciatica since. I do not completely understand how he does what he does, but it WORKS! Some 2 years later, I was exercising and injured my back- again had difficulty walking without assistance, excruciating pain, and required help with daily life tasks. Suffice it to say, I did not waste time with my medical doctor who again placed me on pain relievers- I contacted Antonio Silva! Again, in a very short period, my pain was relieved!

During my first phone conversation with Antonio, (without having ever met me), Antonio told me several things about myself that were true, even though I had NEVER shared that information with him! He knew immediately that I had had long standing reproductive problems, that I suffered with and immune deficiency and that I had a history of smoking cigarettes and occasional drinking. Obviously, this got my attention because Antonio has never met me in person, and at the time I had not shared the above issues with him. Antonio has always been accurate and “spot on” in helping me to understand what is going on in my body. He has alway been honest! Letting me know that lifestyle changes are imperative if I want to be healed. Again, I am a medical doctor and at one time I believed that with my medical education and training, I had a good understanding and knowledge of how the body heals, however, after working with Antonio Silva and his “gifted healing hands” for the past 7 years, I realize I have a lot to learn. I am forever, grateful for all the help Antonio has given me over the years. I am almost sure I would not be here today, if it were not for the work he has done with me. I have and will continue to recommend Antonio Silva to friends and family members who are looking for true healing. So thankful that I have met Antonio Silva – with all sincerity.


I Am a doctor in Rhode Island and work at Rhode Island Medical Center. Antonio Silva was introduced to me in 2007 from a mutual female Dr. that he healed of reproductive concerns. I called him at his home at the time and yes he did expect my call. What amazed me was the fact that as he said hello to me for the first second on the phone my entire body began to become extremely warm and cool and my back which at the time was in constant pain for years and had 2 surgeries totally relaxed and all the pain disappeared instantly. Factually what was more impressive was his noting my life history medically without me saying anything first. He doesn’t make a big thing of what he does but I assure you he hasn’t failed any patients I send him. Antonio always my thanks to you.

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