Pain and chronic pain can cause debilitating problems in your life. It can stop you from picking up your grandchildren, taking your puppy on a walk, or even make it impossible to work an eight-hour day. While acute pain tends to be more manageable, as you can see a light at the end of the tunnel, chronic pain can be hard to cope with. There is no foreseeable end to chronic pain, and with it influencing every aspect of your life, it can often lead to other problems such as depression and even unexplained body inflammation.

pain2What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is defined by doctors as any pain that lasts over three months. This can include conditions such as arthritis, many autoimmune conditions, and even lyme disease. Chronic pain is part of a pain cycle that can include depression. This is when if you experience pain you then become upset, which then reinforces further pain. It can feel like a never ending loop of pain and sadness. This type of pain can happen anywhere in your body and can be categorized under any type of pain sensation, from sharp to pins and needles to achy.

How can Antonio Silva help with pain?

Antonio has had a lot of experience working with individuals who have everyday chronic pain, and has also worked with clients who suffer from acute pain. There is no range of pain or cause that is outside of Antonio’s skill as a medical intuitive. When you work with Antonio, you’ll find a sense of peace and chronic pain relief unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Trust in Antonio. Read his client testimonials for further information and call him today to get started on your journey.