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As an intuitive healer, there is no distance from which Antonio cannot help you with your Parkinson’s symptoms. While doctors have found few treatments, working with Antonio could be the alternative treatment for Parkinson’s disease that you’ve been looking for.
If you’re looking for a Parkinson’s disease cure alternative, then Antonio’s Healing Hands can help.

Instead of feeling like giving up, explore the options that can help you overcome this disease.

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What Is Parkinson’s Disease?

Imagine being an all-star football player in college or a world-class actor that commands the Broadway stage. You have a great life and it’s everything that you’ve ever dreamed you could accomplish. While it’s not perfect because everyone has their ups and downs, you are able to enjoy going to work every day, live a comfortable lifestyle, and take advantage of many industry perks. However, what happens if that’s all gone in the blink of an eye? As you get older, you slowly start to lose control of your body. You can’t get a spoon to your mouth because your hands shake so badly. If you wore makeup in the past, you won’t be able to put it on the way you used to. It’s a struggle to get dressed, because every part of your body shakes, so it feels practically impossible to put your foot into your pant leg. Unfortunately, this is the reality for 200,000 people per year who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease that attacks the brain slowly over time. It’s a progressive nervous system that affects your movement. This means that just normal activities that you may not ever have thought about before, such as applying eyeliner or bringing a utensil to your mouth, will be very difficult. The brain stops producing dopamine, which is a chemical that helps to control the body’s motor functions. This damage to the brain normally progresses slowly and starts as just small tremors in the hands. You may not even notice the tremor of your hands, especially because it is more common.

However, then the disorder will begin to slow your movements and cause your body to become stiff. In the early stages of this disease, you may not even show expression or very little of it. If you swing your arms while your walk, that may stop as well. Your speech may sound slurred or softer and over time, you’ll notice other normal movements becoming more difficult to do. Parkinson’s disease progresses to the point where there is virtually no control of any of the body’s motor functions, which can be very scary and debilitating for those who have developed this disease. Parkinson’s disease has two types of symptoms: motor symptoms and non-motor symptoms.
Parkinson's Disease Alternative Intuitive Healing Antonio Silva | Antonio's Healing Hands

Motor Symptoms

  • Bradykinesia
  • Involuntary Shaking
  • Stiffness
  • Balance Concerns

Non-Motor Symptoms

  • Negative Mood Changes
  • Cognitive Degeneration
  • Hypotension
  • Hallucinations
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Fatigue
Parkinson’s Disease is caused when specific nerve cells in the brain begin to break down over time and ultimately die. The symptoms people with Parkinson’s disease develop are due to the loss of nerve cells that are produced due to a chemical messenger in the brain called dopamine. Unfortunately, when dopamine decreases, it can cause abnormal brain activity, which is what leads to Parkinson’s disease.

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