Pricing and purchasing options
for Antonio’s Services

All those seeking healing should purchase the Initial Consultation to give time for evaluation of past and current concerns with time to begin healing those concerns.

Initial Consultation

Evaluation + Healing (75 minutes)

Evaluation and extensive healing time for all
physical and emotional concerns. Translations of both
past and present issues will be addressed.


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Healing Sessions(Introductory)

3 Sessions (60 minutes each)


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Commanding The Light

Buy Antonio’s Book and accelerate your Distance Healing Learning.


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Study Course (Introductory)

If you are interested in becoming a spiritual healer, you can sign up for a study course with Antonio today.

6 classes (60 minutes each)


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Personal Programs

Please contact Antonio for an individualized healing of long-term or chronic conditions such as Cancer, Aids, Parkinson’s, Herpes, MS, etc… These programs are personalized based on the amount of healing needed.

Over the past the three decades, Antonio Silva has healed patients around the world and guided them to recover hope and improve their physical, emotional, and mental condition with distance healing. Using his unique abilities as a born healer and medical intuitive, Antonio brought hope, healing, and freedom from pain to the lives of people and families suffering from these physical and/or emotional diseases and many others.

If you’d like to experience Antonio’s alternative healing for yourself, you can request a distance healing session of your own.

antonio2_25How Does Antonio Work?

Using his unique gift as a born Healer, Antonio will help you overcome your physical or mental conditions remotely over the phone. Find out more about what you can anticipate from a healing session with Antonio in this audio.

Antonio has used his alternative healing gift to help patients from around the world to overcome diseases such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, or chronic pain, as well as providing relief for cancer pain management and distance healing for depression and anxiety.

Some of the Conditions Antonio Can Help With: