General Testimonials


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful developments in my son Thomas who as you know was diagnosed with Autism from his early childhood. I found you on a word search and took a chance to see what might be possible to deal with this condition. On our first session you told me to sit and relax with Thomas in the room and then commenced to work as you said on him through me. I began to feel a calmness and warmth come over me and more surprisingly noted Thomas began to be less boisterous and agitated and calm down. I must admit I thought perhaps it was maybe just a positive timing and did agree to work again with you to see what else might happen. I waited a few days and in that period noted that Thomas seemed calmer and was trying to communicate slowly without the previous frustrations I would see in him. I set up the 4 sessions series you suggested and then the real fun began. I say fun because after the 1st of those 4 sessions Thomas began to make himself more receptive to eating all different types of foods which beforehand had never been the case. I also noted he slept longer and became more engaged with us and not as hyper.

Your 2nd session prompted an almost serene current in the room we were both in and Thomas came and sat on the couch next to me and put his head on my lap. He fell into a sleep. That had never happened. Again I waited for the third session and at that point the real miracles began to manifest. Thomas began to communicate in word sentences without any prompting and continued to show his desire to eat all foods without any hesitation. It is now after the 4th session that I say what many may find not possible. My son is like a new person. He interacts with children, sits and reads with me and no longer has outbursts as was the case before. I have taken him to a new school where he is now qualified to move on in his development and though he still has some time to catch up with children in a higher mode of development in their educational development he is definitely a brand new young boy and for that we thank you. I know you are here to help people around the world and I am indeed happy to have found you. A blessing you are and we shall always keep you in our prayers.

-Marueen L.

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