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As promised I am following up with this update that speaks to my present condition. 3 months ago we met through a reference of a friend you had healed of cancer. She indicated you had a real capacity to be able to know areas of concern and deal with them almost instantly. Working myself in the conventional field of medicine I was open to alternative considerations. On our first meeting you were quick to point out the specific areas of concern and the duration of those concerns without my saying anything to you but my name. That had my attention. After that the following really set me off. I was asked to relax and close my eyes and simply relax and say my name. I did so and then noted an experience like floating and being warm all over my body. I opened my eyes and noted the discomfort level in my reproductive area and pain was much lower. With that said I decided to follow-up as you suggested with a series of immediate sessions. After the first 2 sessions I was scheduled for blood work. I noted you saying not to be concerned but kept it to myself. When I went to the lab for follow-up blood work the results came back normal. My conventional doctor asked me to come in and then told me there was no explanation for what he noted that made sense. I smiled to myself and continued with you. It was after that 4th session that I was amazed. I totally felt a lightness and no more discomfort in that region of my body which previously for 2 years was not the case. A cat scan and follow-up series of tests shows no Cancer or mass present and it is for that I am eternally grateful. I don’t understand or know how it is you can do what you do but can assure you thats of no concern to me. You are a miracle worker and for that I thank you for your sharing this great gift with me.

-Deborah G., R.N

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