Holistic Healing Methods

Alternative Pain Management Using Holistic Healing Methods

I’d like to take a minute to tell you what you can anticipate when you come to me to work on your chronic pain, short or long term that you’ve been dealing with via telephone.

Treating Chronic Pain with Distance Healing

I will ask you to relax, close your eyes. I will be working on your entire body, regardless where that pain is, with an emphasis on the specific areas of pain. Before we begin that, you and I will sit down and determine what those pain levels are at. 9 out of 10, if ten is the highest amount of pain? Once that number has been determined, when I ask you to relax and close your eyes, lie down if you can or sit up if you like that. I go to work. After some time has gone by, you’ll hear me speak to you and hear me say, “Please open your eyes.”
At that point, you and I will talk about two things:

A) What was felt?

B) Where is the number now?

3 out of 10? 4 out of 10? You and I will notice the shifting. I will then have you get up and walk if you are able to do so. Let’s see how much things have shifted there, also. Is it 2 out of 10? Do we have more elasticity? Mobility? These are the things you can anticipate will be taking place when you and I are working live via telephone.

Discover How Holistic Healing Methods Can Help You

You can purchase holistic healing sessions right now through my website. Read testimonials from previous patients and discover how my gift has helped change their lives. I encourage you to come and know that I’m here to serve you when you do.

Curious How Alternative Healing Could Change Your Life?

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