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A Story About Autism and Intuitive Healing

I’d like to take a moment to speak to all the mothers and fathers in the world regarding what they can anticipate will transpire will happen when they come to me for help with their children who suffer from autism. As you know and I know, autism affects the child on many levels.

We Work With Parents For Their Child's Intuitive Healing

What I like to do with the parents who I work with, if they are working with me on behalf of their child (and that means, very specifically, if the child cannot be on the phone for obvious reasons) I say to the parent, “Please allow your child to do exactly what they wish to do as I’m working on their behalf through you for them.”

To those children who might tolerate wanting to be interactive also, yes, we do that. When the opportunity allows and the situation allows for that to be a reality, yes, I’ll continue with you, yes, once I begin working with you, yes, we will go down that road.

I’ll ask you to assess, the parent, what’s the nature of the impairment, 10 is the worst and 1 is the least? We will assign a number that represents that reality and then I will begin to go to work.

Natural Healing That Works Towards Reinstatement

Reinstatement is the hallmark that I wish to achieve in every patient regardless of their condition. Physical enhancement in the mind, a clearing of all things and reinstatement. Reinstatement implies when I say that an erasing of what was to make things new again.

These are the hallmarks of what you can anticipate will transpire as I work with you during that hour. At the end, we feel and assess and then, we follow up with you writing to me about what you see immediately and progressively. These are the dynamics that you and I will be working with when you choose to come to me for help with your children who suffer from autism.

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