Intuitive Healer

Intuitive Healing for Lyme Disease

I’d like to take a moment to speak to you about what you can anticipate will take place in our session when you work with me for Lyme Disease.

As we begin our time, during our hour telephone session, I will go over your case with you, making recommendations for things that could be also given or taken. After we assess and put those things aside, you and I will then determine degrees of impairment.

  • “How much pain am I in?”

  • “How much lack of mobility do I have?”

What are the numbers that represent your pain, if 10 is the highest (representing the worst) and one is the least amount of pain, where do we stand before you and I begin?

Your Intuitive Healing Treatment Begins

So then our time continues. I’m going to have you close your eyes. I will begin to work on your entire body, not just the areas at hand and not just to mention the physical because I understand the emotional components in conjunction with the illness. After some time has gone by, I’ll ask you to open your eyes. If it’s allowed and possible (allowed because sometimes I work with patients who don’t have the capacity to get up and walk right at that moment), take additional time because you’re already still, feeling enhanced. Feeling better. The pain has very much changed. Very much subsided. Become erased, almost. However, you will still need to take a few moments and notice how your mind is feeling. How emotions have also realigned themselves. Quieted themselves.

The Hallmarks Of Healing

These hallmarks, these aspects that I’m writing about that represent what you can anticipate when we work together. Know for certain the healing that would bring you to me for this condition. Yes, that healing absolutely lies in what takes place during our time. That we work on many many levels. So please know I look forward to you reviewing my website and to you reading this information. Know I look forward to working with you.

You can purchase an intuitive healing session right now and begin your journey towards wellness.

Are You Ready To Begin Your Healing Journey?

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