Intuitive Healer

Working With an Intuitive Healer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with an intuitive healer? I’ve worked with patients around the world to alleviate symptoms of their medical conditions, providing healing while working with them over the phone. Discover what that experience is like and how you can have it for yourself.

How An Intuitive Healing Session Begins

Hi, this is Antonio Silva and I’d like to take a moment to explain to everyone what can you anticipate will take place when we work together via telephone. So, let me explain it to you briefly. First, I will give you the list of the things that I discern and am aware of that represent past or present tense problems for you. After we’ve compared my list to the list that actually is existing, then we will continue in our healing time together by having you quantify the pain or impairment by selecting a number. For instance, if 10 is the worst pain and 1 is the least, you’re going to select that number. The same thing for other conditions in the body. Then I’ll have you get comfortable, relax, close your eyes, and then I go to work. During the time I’m working, you won’t hear me speak out loud for what feels like a period of time.

What the Patient Can Anticipate from Intuitive Healing

What can the patient anticipate? The patient can anticipate two things: translation and awareness that things have shifted and that they are shifting. Translation and awareness when we’re done that things have declined, strength has come back, and that they are absolutely on the road to recovery. These are the things you can anticipate in our 90-minutes together.

Are You Ready To Begin Your Healing Journey?

If you are interested and ready to receive healing from a remote, medical intuitive healer, contact Antonio’s Healing Hands today to schedule a consultation.